# CXLIII…Year-End Review and Resolution…

As I gather in my house on this New Year’s Eve 2013 with family and friends, I find myself pondering the inner workings of the universe…more specifically, why I’m still here on this blog.  No, this is not a post (like earlier ones) exclaiming my willingness to abandon this project.    This post is to really explain to you why I’m here…I’ve had a pretty rockin’ year and it looks like 2014 is going to be one for the books.

My only New Year’s Resolution (since only REALISTIC ones should be made) is to take this blog where it needs to be…it’s already there but it could use a little push.  I’m not going anywhere (at least I hope not) and you all should be here on the ground level…I will make this thing explode!


Now, for the year-end review…just a couple of tidbits from the inner workings of this blog.  The only reason these stats mean anything, by the way, is because it truly means that I am happy that people are reading…I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not getting paid; hopefully, with the grace of the Powers-That-Be, that will change in the upcoming year.

1)  Most Views in a Day — May 23 (Post # LXXX) {5o views} A post after a Wizard of Ozz show at The Diamond Club in Ronkonkoma, seen mostly through Facebook clicks.

2)  Most Views in a Month — August {109 views} Also, the month saw one more post (12 total) than my birth month of April…just a couple of birthdays of close people and more randomness.

3)  International List — (Just important so you are aware that I’ve been seen in these places):  United Kingdom, Lebanon, Canada, Poland, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, France, Russian Federation, Finland, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Turkey, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Pakistan, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, Iraq, and Albania {22 countries}.

By this time next year, hopefully, I can bring you more but I will return tomorrow…a New Year begins…and you’ll be seeing a lot more of me…



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