# CXXXIII…Double Milestone Birthday Post…

The title of this post refers (obviously) to two individuals in my life that are celebrating the grandest of two scales in terms of longevity.  The first one is my eldest nephew (happy birthday, Ed…), who is now a proud member of the adult community at the ripe young age of 21.  The other person, whom I’ve not spoken to in a hot minute (since I moved to New York), who is a dear close friend of mine, Jadi Ramos, from my hometown, Jersey City, NJ…who celebrates her 35th-for-the-5th-time (aka 40th) today.

It is in the honor of these two individuals (and the fact that I’m letting my “music officiando” side out) that I present today’s celebrity birthdays:  Actress Brenda Vaccaro was born today in 1939, actress Linda Evans (“Dynasty”…wow) turns a young 71 today (1942), musicians Graham Parker and former Quiet Riot/Whitesnake/Dio/Blue Oyster Cult/Queensryche bassist Rudy Sarzo were both born in 1950, comedian Kevin Nealon (SNL/”Weeds”, etc.) was born in 1953, while fellow comedian Sinbad was born today in 1956, as was former NFL quarterback Warren Moon; late guitarist Jan Kuehnemund (former Vixen) was born on this date in 1961 (1961-2013); as well as current Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett (the second band on my Top Ten) coming into this world in 1962.

Comedian Owen Wilson was born in 1968 on this date, former NBA journeyman (1993-2008, and former Minnesota Timberwolves star) Sam Cassell turns a young 44 (1969), as well as comedian Mike Epps (1970), current World Series MVP David Ortiz (1975) and current Avenged Sevenfold (A7X to their fans) bassist Johnny Christ celebrates his 29th birthday (1984)

Without taking up too much more of your time and from the left, as always…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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