# CXXVIII…Roseland Ballroom, 10-25-13…

For those that didn’t read my last post (on Thursday), I had the honor and the privilege of seeing one of the final big concerts at the legendary Roseland Ballroom.  I am honestly downhearted to say that, for the part of the show that I stayed for, it will truly be a huge mistake that it’s closing soon, as it is a perfect venue for a show of the caliber which I witnessed last night.

A very spacious location in the middle of the Theater District in midtown Manhattan, it truly lit up the area with the camaraderie of the people who filtered into the “smoking area” (out in front of the venue).  There were at least 3000 people in there who witnessed the whole show (myself not included…more on that in a moment) and, although a couple of people after the show looked like they were involved in some violent activities, there were no serious altercations and everyone was clamoring for more!

The first band that I saw (that led off the show) was a kick-ass metal group known as Huntress, whom I’d never had the pleasure of listening to beforehand (matter-of-fact, I didn’t even know they were supposed to be there until the last minute).  Needless to say, however, is the fact that I am now searching for their catalogue of music, as I was very impressed!!  Jill Janus, the smoking hot lead vocalist, along with the rest of her impressive bandmates, kept the crowd into it during their whole set, which almost blew the roof of the joint.

Performing their hits like “Zenith” (which she explained you might want to smoke your bong watching the newly-released video) and “I Want to F*** You to Death” (she mentioned it being co-written by rock god Lemmy Kilmister), they tore through the crowd like the ever-popular “aroma” that filled the area.  These rockers from California are definitely not to be missed (they are on tour for the foreseeable future promoting their second album, “Starbound Beast”), as they set me up for the heaven that I witnessed next.

Being that I mentioned in Thursday’s post that Testament, the second band to perform (and the last band I saw), is my Number 6 band of all time, I don’t think I need to elaborate on that.  I will tell you, however, that it was a truly magical experience that I’ve wanted to be a part of since I first started enjoying the band back in the mid-80’s.  They truly have been and always will be a member of the “Metal Militia” because, for a band that’s been around that long, they can still kick your teeth in (which I think may have happened to a couple of crowd-surfers, but I’m not sure).

For someone of Chuck Billy’s size and stature (he definitely gained a few pounds in recent times), he and the entire band had everyone fist-pumping and “above the crowd” for their entire set, which included such hits as “The New Order” (the title cut off their second album from 1989), “Into the Pit” (dedicated to the moshers in attendance), and “Rise Up” (from their current album, “Dark Roots of Earth”).  For me, however, the finale of their set was paramount, as they reached all the way back to their debut album, “The Legacy”, and finished with the awesome track “Over the Wall”, which was truly the ultimate treat for me!

Around the time that they were on the stage, however, I was becoming increasingly skittish of my surroundings…which I can explain to you stem from my bad experience with a Godsmack concert a long time ago (I won’t bore you with the details…just know that mosh pits and me don’t mix) and I was experiencing what could be described as a mild “panic attack”.  So, I joined the crowd sojourning to the smoking area out front…which I remained at until the show’s finish at around 11:45 PM.

As much as you would like to ridicule me, I would also like to tell you that I don’t give a fuck, as Testament was truly the only band I wanted to see {but Huntress was a kick ass surprise).  As a metal enjoyer, Lamb of God and Killswitch Engage would have been a great performance to have witnessed (as made evident by the comments after the show), but I was all about self-preservation and I will not be bullied into being someone I’m not.

All in all, the night was very enjoyable for me as a rocker and I loved every second of hanging out with Cesartheczar (from the band WDFA {written about them previously}), my brother and my nephew and all the other crazy New York metal fans.  It was a night that I will definitely never forget…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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