In case anyone is still listening, I thought that I might speak the absolute truth about my life…seeing as how it now seems to be falling apart on me.  Not that it matters, but I’ve always had a self-esteem problem.  My whole life I’ve lived so far, I have NEVER thought of myself as a good-looking person.  That all stems from an incident when I was in grammar school…that having been said, it has come to my mind that people don’t care.  They think that having a person in my life (like in the odd chance that I COULD actually find someone again) will solve all of my problems and issues.

HERE’S A NEWSFLASH FOR YOU FOLKS…my relationship with my ex-wife was the closest thing to paradise that I could have hoped for.  That having been said, and sorry for the all-caps again, I KNOW THAT FROM MY PAST ACTIONS, I COULD NEVER TRUST MYSELF IN ANOTHER RELATIONSHIP!!!!!!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled lives and sorry to intrude…last time I’m going to post here and people don’t like my above statement, well, I know the truth about me…and nothing or no one is going to change that!!!!!!!!


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