# CXXV…Show @ RockShop Magazine, 09-28-13

As you, my readers, certainly know by now, this endeavor will truly never be gone, as I am still on this planet and I still venture out into the world to be a part of the up-and-coming music scene.  At last night’s “finale” for the RockShop Magazine, there was plenty of great music, great atmosphere and the awesome bantering with all the “behind the scenes” issues.  The magazine itself (just the HQ is being taken down) is a beautiful addition to the literary world that, literally, is a rock-n-roll necessity for the music industry, chock full of interviews, local club listings and all the wonderful stories of the music scene.

Last night’s show at the RockShop (which just happened to be my first time seeing the place) was nothing short of spectacular.  With the usual format that Gina loves to pull off (local, original/cover/local, original), the music and scenery both took center stage for what was an exceptional finale.

Starting off the night was original New York band, WDFA (We Don’t F*** Around), whom I’ve spoken about here before…and, although their set was marred by a couple of “breaker” issues (lights and amps on stage cancelling each other), they didn’t disappoint the crowd, as they played the most magnificent music that this writer has seen in a while.  Without getting too behind-the-scenes here, I will say that the group knows how to work the crowd and the music RAWKS harder than anything you’ve seen; Cesartheczar’s guitar-workings are phenomenally wicked and he makes it look so effortless, Jabo’s vocals are reminiscent of a cross between Lamb of God and Testament, Danny Supa’s drums (especially his solos) should be illegal because they are that damn awesome, and Johnny Horsepower (bassist) loves his wireless amp so much, he was all over the place.

With amazing songs like “Coincidence”, “Storm In Your Eye” and the crowd-pleasing “Creature” in their repertoire (and a lot of other brilliant tracks), the four collectively lit up the stage with their awesome ambiance that will make you fiend for more.  In this volatile music scene that we all know and love, WDFA certainly lives up to it’s name, as they will keep kicking your ass with awesome original tunes which this industry sorely needs.

Next on the list for last night was the ever-impressive (although it was my first time seeing them) Motley Crue cover band known as Wild Side (yes, we know…based off a song title, blah blah blah), and I really must say that they were also an excellent choice for a Crue band, as they really did look the part.  They covered everything Motley Crue from “Live Wire”, “Piece of Your Action” and “Smokin’ In The Boy’s Room” (both with the lead singer of the headlining act Demon Boy) to the eponymous “Wild Side” and “Helter Skelter”.  They were definitely a really class act and led the crowd awesomely for the middle show on this card.

Last on the list was an extreme (but also ingenious) metal band known as Demon Boy, which featured the aforementioned lead singer in a pair of black wings and completely original stage show (which was as macabre as their stage setup) featuring everything from fog machine, black-painted (and lit) jack-o’lanterns, and big gravestones which you just had to see to appreciate the brilliance of.  The whole band, which had original tracks such as “I Kissed a Dead Girl”, “Ravenous”, “Zombie Dance” and their upcoming smash “This Halloween”, is a beautifully dark and “evil” addition to the industry that just has to be experienced LIVE in order to appreciate the brilliance that is Demon Boy.

With all the nuances of a Rob Zombie-type stage show, however, complete with big-head mascot Skully and the awesome make-up that they wear, this band has definitely leaped into the spotlight as a band that you truly cannot miss.

In closing, I would like to thank everyone involved in last night’s show, as it will truly be a show that I will remember (and speak about in future endeavors, I hope) for years to come.  Also, I am wishing nothing but the best for Gina and Scott from the RockShop magazine, as they hosted a brilliant evening of music that this writer is certainly glad he was a part of.

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


# CXXIV…Up from the “crypt”…

{AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Please be advised that, because I am technically still on hiatus, I did not have the proper tools for a review (my notebook, etc.) so most of this review is from my ever-spotty memory.}

After announcing my hiatus almost three weeks ago, I considered this blog (for all intents and purposes) to be dead and buried.  I mean, truth be told, it was really starting to interrupt my concentration towards my almost 25 year career (which pays my bills) and, due to the fact that I was on here almost every day, my injury (I suffer from severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) was not getting any better.  That having been said, I am grateful to the Powers That Be for granting me at least one more opportunity to indulge my listeners of an awesome local event that really turned some heads last night.

At the Revolution Bar & Music Hall in Amityville (which I went to before, as it used to be Ollie’s), I had a chance to witness some really talented acts which left even me at a loss for words.  The show last night featured a local, original band who, because we arrived at the scene after they graced the stage, I didn’t really have an opportunity to enjoy.  According to my “sources”, however, they did pretty well considering the fact that they opened for four local cover bands and, time and circumstances permitting, I will be able to inform you about at a later time.

The first cover band that played last night was an outrageously intense band based on one of the pioneers of metal, Megadeth, known as Killing Is My Business (in case you’re living under a rock, based on an album title)…and they really set the stage for what proved to be an awesome night of music.  They did an excellent job of their renditions of such Megadeth classics as “Rest In Peace/Polaris”, “Peace Sells…”, and “Symphony of Destruction” and, as a Megadeth fan myself, I was really impressed with their renditions.  They were also very high-energy and crowd-pleasing, which is something that this industry is certainly lacking these days.  They were not disappointing to this writer and I hope to catch them sometime in the not-to-distant future.

The next band that graced the stage was a nod to the late Layne Staley’s Alice In Chains, a group known as Love Hate Love (yes, again, based off of a song by the band).  As I will be the first to admit that I’m not “Number 1 Fan” status of Alice In Chains, I do appreciate their music enough to know that Love Hate Love did a wonderful job, as they covered the gamut from “Down In a Hole” to “Would?” and “Rooster”.  The lead singer also looked like an earlier version of Layne Staley, which, in a cover band, should be paramount because it only adds to the aura of the music being covered.

Third band of the night, and one of my personal favorites, was a band covering my Number 2 favorite, Metallica, known as Damage, Inc. and they, as well, were a nice touch, as the lead singer/bassist looked like the “St. Anger” version (cleaned up and clean-shaven) of James Hetfield.  Covering such Metallica classics as “The Four Horsemen”, the eponymous “Damage, Inc.”, and “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, the band exuded the energy of their namesake, pandering to the ever-enthusiastic crowd which was clearly still awake and kicking when they came on.  They are a band that you’d have to experience to truly appreciate their rendition of the early Metallica works.

Last, but certainly not least, was the headline act, the ever-impressive and newly revised Wizard of Ozz.  As I’ve mentioned them quite a few times on this blog, I don’t really need to go “behind-the-scenes”, as their music speaks volumes that my words cannot.  For twenty years, this band has been the “cannot-miss” Ozzy Osbourne-era tribute band to see…but last night, they even caught me at a loss for words.

Picking up on the renewed interest in Black Sabbath (you know, the band that, after 42 years in the business, finally has the Number 1 album in the country), John’s show changed so slightly that even I was taken aback.  I mean, I know that Wizard of Ozz can play anything from the solo Ozzy stuff…but they really amped up the crowd, as they covered such classics as “Black Sabbath” (featuring his daughter on keyboards), “N.I.B.” and “Fairies Wear Boots”.  However, new to the show, and really well-done and appreciated, was the all-new “God Is Dead?” (from “13”) and watching the band play (which included Tommy Dolan on bass, who was very pleased playing his show) just gave a whole new aspect of Wizard of Ozz that I cannot wait to witness in the future.  It also shows how longevity plays a key in the industry, as John and the boys really gave the crowd everything and more.

Also, on a personal note, I had a bit of personal history, as well…my daughter, who turned 21 this past February, and I were in a bar for the first time since she turned of legal age…it filled me with a little bit of good pride knowing that I bought her (and myself) a drink to commemorate the event.

I’m not sure if this will be the last you hear from me…it may be a LONG while before I sit in front of this computer, blogging about things, as my career takes paramount importance (as I said, career pays bills…hobbies do not).  I thank you all for listening and have to thank the numerous people that made last night’s show possible.

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


In case anyone is still listening, I thought that I might speak the absolute truth about my life…seeing as how it now seems to be falling apart on me.  Not that it matters, but I’ve always had a self-esteem problem.  My whole life I’ve lived so far, I have NEVER thought of myself as a good-looking person.  That all stems from an incident when I was in grammar school…that having been said, it has come to my mind that people don’t care.  They think that having a person in my life (like in the odd chance that I COULD actually find someone again) will solve all of my problems and issues.

HERE’S A NEWSFLASH FOR YOU FOLKS…my relationship with my ex-wife was the closest thing to paradise that I could have hoped for.  That having been said, and sorry for the all-caps again, I KNOW THAT FROM MY PAST ACTIONS, I COULD NEVER TRUST MYSELF IN ANOTHER RELATIONSHIP!!!!!!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled lives and sorry to intrude…last time I’m going to post here and people don’t like my above statement, well, I know the truth about me…and nothing or no one is going to change that!!!!!!!!