# CXII…Post-night from the Zebra Club…

So, I’ve already told you that I’m not a professional (yet) writer…but I have made it my responsibility to enlighten you, my readers, as to what you may be missing out on when it comes to good, clean, kick-your-teeth-in Rock-N-Roll.  This bubblegum crap that the local “radio” stations are pumping out is NOTHING compared to what people SHOULD be enjoying.

As many of you already know by now, I’m really not the type of person that goes out on my own to partake in all the wonderful music that takes place in and around Long Island.  Quite frankly, not having my license is a blessing and a curse…but I do find my way around to bigger and better new music that is available out here (that I would have never done when I was living in Jersey).  The Powers-That-Be have been inching me in this direction for quite some time and I don’t intend to disappoint.

As far as the venue, the Zebra Club in Copiague is a well-known staple of up-and-coming rock bands.  Located at 1195 Montauk Highway, it’s a very diminutive (compared to some of the other places I’ve been to) venue for a “showcase” of new music but one that adequately held last night’s performers.  Musically, I could not have asked for a better show…it was a welcome site for this writer’s sore “ears”.  The nonsense that people are listening to on the radio should be turning into its’ grave soon…as the show last night proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that good, solid rock music will be putting it there.

Starting off the night was a band that, although I hung out with the lead guitarist and vocalist at Mayhem (please see Post No. CVII for details), was a real shot in the arm…a local band known as WDFA (aka We Don’t F*** Around), that really exceeded my expectations as far as their performance.  When this band played last night, it was a surprise that I never expected.  Justin’s commanding, gravelly (death metal?) voice combined with Cesar’s outstanding guitar-thrashing and the rest of the crew’s performance is a welcome addition to this blooming scene that is live rock-and-roll.  Hearing their all-original tracks (sorry, no notebook), I was very impressed and cannot wait to see this band play again soon.  Their music is so well arranged that it would be a travesty if they were to fade (which I’m hoping they don’t).

The second band that caught my attention was the crowd-pleasing Discipline Theory, a trio of musicians (lead guitar/rhythm guitar/vocals) that really impressed me not so much with their music…as the fact that they kicked ass WITHOUT a live bass guitar or drummer (both were provided by external “drum” machine!)  They combined a couple of original tracks with some fantastic covers, one of which was the old Til Tuesday smash, “Voices Carry”.  If you haven’t caught this band yet, make sure that you do…they are, like most other bands these days, floating around social media circles and they played a really nice set that didn’t disappoint this writer.

The last band of the night was another all-original (although I did notice at least one cover) known as And The Day Is Mine, who played like they owned the stage with their high-energy performance that had all in the club (including me) grooving until the show’s end in the wee hours of the morning.  Although I didn’t have my notebook to tell you all the songs, I will tell you that they reminded me of being almost Incubus/Linkin Park-like, with thrashing and melodic guitar riffs and dual vocalists which really made them stand out and made me take notice.  They are a band that I wouldn’t mind catching in the near future…a well-needed addition to the industry and a well-done performance.

The show last night was a real game-changer for me, as well…as I’m just now starting to realize how important it is for me to spread my writing to whomever has the desire to become educated about the wonderful rock music that’s out there.  The fact that I sit here and preach about it should, for all intents and purposes, put some much needed heads in the audiences of these great clubs to enjoy the eternal greatness that is rock-n-roll.

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


2 thoughts on “# CXII…Post-night from the Zebra Club…

  1. Nice review, you give some hope there’s still good music out there for those “open” enough, as yourself, to enjoy it and broaden their mundane musical horizons!

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