# CVIII…Ironic double birthday greetings…

A few months ago, while speaking about my blog with people that I work with, I was amazed to find out that, in this small world we live in, two totally different people whom I deal with are celebrating their birthday today.  So, it was with them (Happy Birthday to Mr. G and Mr. L, you know who you are) in mind that I present to you, my adoring public, with today’s celebrity birthdays.

We will start today’s list off with the late great women’s wrestling champion The Fabulous Moolah (1923-2007), former politician Bob Dole (1923), versatile actor Orson Bean (1928), fashion designer Oscar de la Renta (1932), wonderful actress Louise Fletcher (1934), English actor Terence Stamp (who played Zod in “Superman 2” and the voice of Jor-El in “Smallville”) was born in 1939, game show host Alex Trebek was born in 1940, eclectic musician George Clinton (of Parliament & Funkadelic) was born in 1941, and Supertramp (70’s group, people) founder Rick Davies was born in 1944.

Former Red Sox/Yankees superstar Sparky Lyle was born on this day in 1944, as well; big time super-actor Danny Glover was born in 1946, actor Albert Brooks (many films, including voice-over as Marlin in “Finding Nemo”) was born in 1947 along with The Eagles frontman Don Henley, the ever-popular Willem Defoe was born on this date in the year 1955, symphonic metal pioneer for the band Savatage, Mr. Jon Oliva, celebrates his 53rd birthday today (1960) and rap icon Keith Sweat (1961).

In this amazing long list are super actor John Leguizamo and comedian David Spade, both born in 1964, as well as WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels (1965), and football star Keyshawn Johnson was born in 1972, and finally, for the “tweeners” out there, Ms. Selena Gomez turns a young 21 years today.

Having taken up a lot of your very “valuable” time, I bid you adieu until next time…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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