# CIII…4th post this month…for The Fourth

In a somewhat odd twist to my own personal calendar, this marks the fourth post of this month…at this rate, I will exceed my April month total of 11 very soon.

With that off my chest, as I sit here on my day off, I figured that I would enlighten you in my own somewhat unique way.  Before I begin, however, I would just like to say that what I am about to say may seem offensive to the current holiday but it bears mentioning anyway.  I don’t know who (the only thing I hate about my stats…I know how many, but not {except my cousin & daughter and other friends} exactly who) but I have grown internationally!

Yes, it seems that, through the miracle of modern social media, people in other countries have found my blog.  Not many, mind you, but it’s a start that I am totally appreciative of.  People in countries like Iraq, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Portugal, Switzerland, Gibraltar (yes, where “The Rock of…” is), and Poland have viewed my post.

It just solidifies that fact that, for over 200 years, this great country that was born on this day can provide an outlet for all the world to see.

I will also like to thank the esteemed veterans of this fine nation, for making the ultimate sacrifice so that a weird person like me could become known around this great world.

Have a safe, blessed and Happy Fourth of July!!!!!

/,,,/ ROCK ON USA! USA! USA! \,,,\


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