# CI…My sister’s milestone…

My mom, who I spoke about yesterday, received a very weird birthday present in 1973…when my baby sister was born.  Only half true, as Mom went into the hospital on her own 29th birthday and my sister made her presence known the following day.  Without embarrassing her (as she knows I well could LOL), I will tell you that, if it wasn’t for my sister’s intervention on MY behalf, you may not be reading this now!  For all that she’s done for me in the last three years alone, the least I could was write about her.

I couldn’t think of a more deserving person (other than yesterday’s post, obviously) than my sister, Tami…and she deserves so much more than I could ever hope to repay.

Now, on to the reason you’re still here…we’ll start with the 1904 birth of Rene Lacoste, the man who invented the polo shirt, 1929 was the year that famous Filipino politician/shoe fetishist Imelda Marcos was born, fast food magnate Dave Thomas (“Wendy’s”) would have been 81 today (1932-2002), racer Richard Petty born in 1937, the original “Kiss My Grits” Flo (from the 80’s sitcom “Alice”) Polly Holliday was born in 1937, as well.  Also, former versatile actor Ron Silver was born in 1946 (1946-2009), and “Seinfeld” creator/”Curb Your Enthusiasm” star Larry David was born in 1947.

Finishing the list strong are WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hitman” Hart, who turns 56 today (1957), current San Jose Sharks phenomenon “Jumbo” Joe Thornton was born in 1979, figure skater Johnny Weir (1984), and two actresses; Ashley Tisdale (“High School Musical”/”Suite Life of Zack & Cody” on the teen channels) was born in 1985 and the notorious Lindsey Lohan was born in 1986.

Thanks in advance to my viewers, as it seems that I’m somewhat where I want to be (those who know me, you may find out later).

/,,,/ ROCK ON SIS!!!! \,,,\


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