# LXXIII…More teenaged memories…

On this third day of my birth month, I just wanted to pop in and share the reason that I decided to write tonight…instead of last night.  Firstly, not too many famous names on the old birthday list to make my audience excited; secondly, I had Facebook conversations today with a couple of page-mates for my zodiac sign and, because someone mentions their birthday, I decided to further branch out my craft.

Upon looking at the list of people whose birthday is today, I ran across two names that evoked such a flashback, I thought my ponytail had returned.  The names on the list are Sebastian Bach of Skid Row and a “Happy Birthday in Heaven” to Criss Oliva, the former lead singer of Savatage.

For the neophytes out there, those two bands spent countless hours playing in my musical devices in the late 80’s and early 90’s while they were tearing up the charts.  Both singers had equally match vocals and their bandmates were equally stellar; although Skid Row was more rock-based and Savatage became pioneers of the symphonic metal genre (just recently “discovered” that fact).

Mr. Oliva would have turned a very respectable 50 today…and would have been still kicking ass in one way or another (I’m sure) and Sebastian Bach was born in Detroit today in 1968 (45 and still taking names).

On that note, I could bore you with the other countless names on the list but these two were most important to me…scope ’em out, you never know what you’ll like!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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