# LXXI…Post-night from Napper Tandy’s…

Realistically, it is not in my nature to overdo anything but it has come to my attention that this undertaking that I’ve made with this blog is a lot bigger than I thought I could take it.  The only reason that is of any significance is because I have a career that should be keeping me away from it (I’ve been typing every day for almost twenty-five years, now) but I’ve been trying to find my niche in the writing world.

That having been said, I am just giving you an update on last night’s show at Napper Tandy’s in Miller Place.  Unlike my 47th post, though, this is only going to tell you little things about the show that were key to this blog.

First and foremost, a huge shout-out goes out to the Rock Shop magazine crew that was there last night.  Gina and Scott have proven to me, on more than one occasion, that they are really trying to get the rock scene in Long Island and across the country to become bigger and badder than ever.

Last night’s show was no exception, as it paired The Wizard of Ozz (kicking off their 20th year on the scene) with a band that I had heard of {but didn’t hear much from/about}, a trio of rockers called Tang.

Comprised of guitarist/keyboardist Denny Colt, bassist Bonnie Parker and drummer Mark Edwards, these veterans of the indie scene were on first and really, pun intended, set the stage for a kick-ass rock show.  They performed all-original compositions of some great rocking music and they also did a brilliant cover of Black Sabbath’s “Mob Rules” (more stunning and on-point than the Neon Knight’s version that I’d seen a few months ago).

A stellar group with a very humble yet professional aura, they really did a great job on their set and I enjoyed hearing their music.  I can’t wait to add it (and their upcoming new album, with a track guest-starring Dee Snider of Twisted Sister) to my ever-growing collection.  They are well-known in the circles of the music world and, with their performance last night, have shown this writer exactly why they’re respected, as they led into the main act, 20-year veterans The Wizard of Ozz.

From the opening song, “I Don’t Know” to the finale of “Paranoid”, John and the boys didn’t fail to impress me, as they really finally made me see a whole different side to them.  I’ve been seeing The Wizard of Ozz for many of those 20 years…last night’s lineup was minus Pete Black (their usual drummer) and guitarist Dennis Dean but featured original Wizard guitarist Virgil Varan and veteran drummer Brian Gabriel, the whole set was the gamut of Black Sabbath that they are known for.

Of special note, I thought the addition of “Road to Nowhere” was off-the-charts and had been sorely missed (thanks, John) and the somewhat upbeat “Never Say Die” (I don’t recall the last time they did that song) were due to the lineup change, but they were not a bad decision…they were awesomely done and should be from here on out (hoping, not demanding LOL).

Overall, it was a night that I thoroughly enjoyed and would love to do it again (and will be, in spades soon {hopefully}) and am looking forward from Post No. 71 (this one, my favorite number remember) to bigger and better things.

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


2 thoughts on “# LXXI…Post-night from Napper Tandy’s…

    1. It was my honor…I am truly thankful to Gina for believing in me as much as she had…I was more than happy to be a part of it!! And, thank you for your kind words…they make me feel great.

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