# LXX…Birthday celebration Spotlight…

Before I get to today’s birthday list, in celebration of my cousin Ray’s epic 35th birthday (H.B. cousin), I would first like to give you the rundown on yesterday’s date, as well.  For you see, a very close dear friend (who met me when I was on MySpace) and avid reader Sandee Molenda celebrated her 39th (sorry, year unavailable) birthday yesterday…and for that, I have a whole slew of names on this festive of occasions.

On a side note, I am a person that really enjoys writing about birthdays, only because I am one of very few people that actually care about celebrities that share them.  When it comes to April 19th, which is MY birthday, you will know why, as I have a lot of people who were born then.  The way I figure, the following lists are for those that would like to share my opinion in that regard.

Starting with March 22, the list is as follows:  Actor Werner Klemperer (who played Colonel Klink in the old “Hogan’s Heroes” TV show) would have turned 93 yesterday (1920-2000), French mime Marcel Marceau (1923-2007), William Shatner turned 82 (!), versatile actor M. Emmit Walsh (1935), journalist Wolf Blitzer (1948), Broadway producer Andrew Lloyd Webber celebrated his 65th birthday, Bob Costas, the sportscaster, turned 61 (1952), actor Matthew Modine (1959), former San Jose Sharks right winger Todd Ewen turned 47, skater Elvis Stojko (sorry, ex-wife liked ice skating and got me into it), one of the only skaters to do a quadruple-triple combo, turned 41, Reese Witherspoon turned a young 37 years old, Limp Bizkit drummer John Otto celebrated his 36th birthday, and hockey star Tom Poti also notched his 36th yesterday (1977 for both).

As far as today’s list, for my cousin’s 35th, I present the names celebrating today as their birthday…Roger Bannister, the first runner to break the 4-minute mile mark, turns 84 years young today, The Cars lead singer Ric Ocasek was born in 1949, former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski celebrates his 61st today, singer Chaka Khan turns 60 years old, fashion designer Kenneth Cole was born in 1954, basketball great Moses Malone (1955), Damon Albarn, the co-creator of the “virtual band” Gorillaz (awesome group, by the way) turns 45, former New Jersey Net (and current New York Knick) point guard Jason Kidd celebrates his 40th today, and versatile actress Keri Russell (who had the title role in the old CW series “Felicity”, among other roles) turns a young 37 today.

With the column under my belt, I now have to prepare for tonight’s event, which is another Wizard of Ozz show at Napper Tandy’s in Miller Place (second time at this venue…Post # XLIX (49) from January)…should be a rocking show, which I may post about tomorrow…undecided yet because it’s still early.

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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