# LXXII…My 30th post on the 30th…

On this fitting day of the month, the penultimate day of March 2013, I figured that it would be a really short post, seeing as how I’ve written a lot on here this month…that, and the fact that people are probably getting annoyed with any post over a few hundred words.

Today’s date, which also happens to be the anniversary of the shooting of former President Ronald Reagan in 1981 (an event which, being ten years old at the time, I remember well), starts out with the birthday of Vincent van Gogh, the Dutch painter, who was born in 1853.

Also celebrating birthdays today are:  former game show host (Hollywood Squares) Peter Marshall turns 86 today, John Astin, who (for those that don’t know) played Gomez Addams on “The Addams Family” turns 82 today, Warren Beatty turns 75 today.

I would also like to mention the 68th birthday of one of the greatest guitar player to walk the Earth…Mr. Eric Clapton.  I just caught his performance at The  Concert for Sandy Relief and, for a man of his experience, was captivated to the point of amazement.  The man is still so humble but can rock your socks off with his skills at his age.

Finishing today’s list are the following mentions; voice actor (The Brain from Animaniacs and Pinky and The Brain) Maurice LaMarche (1958), MC Hammer (1962), Tracy Chapman (“Fast Car” and “Give Me One Reason”) born in 1964, Celine Dion celebrates her 44th birthday, and current San Jose Sharks defensement Marc-Edouard Vlasic turns 26 today.

With the last post of the month of March out of the way, now I can look forward to my favorite month of the year, April.  Judging from preliminary scans of my own personal “calendar” (the one in my head), it will definitely be one of the best months for me…lots of stuff to cover, including many personal events upcoming that are very important to me as a parent and a human being.

/,,,/ RoCk On DuDeZ \,,,\


# LXXI…Post-night from Napper Tandy’s…

Realistically, it is not in my nature to overdo anything but it has come to my attention that this undertaking that I’ve made with this blog is a lot bigger than I thought I could take it.  The only reason that is of any significance is because I have a career that should be keeping me away from it (I’ve been typing every day for almost twenty-five years, now) but I’ve been trying to find my niche in the writing world.

That having been said, I am just giving you an update on last night’s show at Napper Tandy’s in Miller Place.  Unlike my 47th post, though, this is only going to tell you little things about the show that were key to this blog.

First and foremost, a huge shout-out goes out to the Rock Shop magazine crew that was there last night.  Gina and Scott have proven to me, on more than one occasion, that they are really trying to get the rock scene in Long Island and across the country to become bigger and badder than ever.

Last night’s show was no exception, as it paired The Wizard of Ozz (kicking off their 20th year on the scene) with a band that I had heard of {but didn’t hear much from/about}, a trio of rockers called Tang.

Comprised of guitarist/keyboardist Denny Colt, bassist Bonnie Parker and drummer Mark Edwards, these veterans of the indie scene were on first and really, pun intended, set the stage for a kick-ass rock show.  They performed all-original compositions of some great rocking music and they also did a brilliant cover of Black Sabbath’s “Mob Rules” (more stunning and on-point than the Neon Knight’s version that I’d seen a few months ago).

A stellar group with a very humble yet professional aura, they really did a great job on their set and I enjoyed hearing their music.  I can’t wait to add it (and their upcoming new album, with a track guest-starring Dee Snider of Twisted Sister) to my ever-growing collection.  They are well-known in the circles of the music world and, with their performance last night, have shown this writer exactly why they’re respected, as they led into the main act, 20-year veterans The Wizard of Ozz.

From the opening song, “I Don’t Know” to the finale of “Paranoid”, John and the boys didn’t fail to impress me, as they really finally made me see a whole different side to them.  I’ve been seeing The Wizard of Ozz for many of those 20 years…last night’s lineup was minus Pete Black (their usual drummer) and guitarist Dennis Dean but featured original Wizard guitarist Virgil Varan and veteran drummer Brian Gabriel, the whole set was the gamut of Black Sabbath that they are known for.

Of special note, I thought the addition of “Road to Nowhere” was off-the-charts and had been sorely missed (thanks, John) and the somewhat upbeat “Never Say Die” (I don’t recall the last time they did that song) were due to the lineup change, but they were not a bad decision…they were awesomely done and should be from here on out (hoping, not demanding LOL).

Overall, it was a night that I thoroughly enjoyed and would love to do it again (and will be, in spades soon {hopefully}) and am looking forward from Post No. 71 (this one, my favorite number remember) to bigger and better things.

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\

# LXX…Birthday celebration Spotlight…

Before I get to today’s birthday list, in celebration of my cousin Ray’s epic 35th birthday (H.B. cousin), I would first like to give you the rundown on yesterday’s date, as well.  For you see, a very close dear friend (who met me when I was on MySpace) and avid reader Sandee Molenda celebrated her 39th (sorry, year unavailable) birthday yesterday…and for that, I have a whole slew of names on this festive of occasions.

On a side note, I am a person that really enjoys writing about birthdays, only because I am one of very few people that actually care about celebrities that share them.  When it comes to April 19th, which is MY birthday, you will know why, as I have a lot of people who were born then.  The way I figure, the following lists are for those that would like to share my opinion in that regard.

Starting with March 22, the list is as follows:  Actor Werner Klemperer (who played Colonel Klink in the old “Hogan’s Heroes” TV show) would have turned 93 yesterday (1920-2000), French mime Marcel Marceau (1923-2007), William Shatner turned 82 (!), versatile actor M. Emmit Walsh (1935), journalist Wolf Blitzer (1948), Broadway producer Andrew Lloyd Webber celebrated his 65th birthday, Bob Costas, the sportscaster, turned 61 (1952), actor Matthew Modine (1959), former San Jose Sharks right winger Todd Ewen turned 47, skater Elvis Stojko (sorry, ex-wife liked ice skating and got me into it), one of the only skaters to do a quadruple-triple combo, turned 41, Reese Witherspoon turned a young 37 years old, Limp Bizkit drummer John Otto celebrated his 36th birthday, and hockey star Tom Poti also notched his 36th yesterday (1977 for both).

As far as today’s list, for my cousin’s 35th, I present the names celebrating today as their birthday…Roger Bannister, the first runner to break the 4-minute mile mark, turns 84 years young today, The Cars lead singer Ric Ocasek was born in 1949, former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski celebrates his 61st today, singer Chaka Khan turns 60 years old, fashion designer Kenneth Cole was born in 1954, basketball great Moses Malone (1955), Damon Albarn, the co-creator of the “virtual band” Gorillaz (awesome group, by the way) turns 45, former New Jersey Net (and current New York Knick) point guard Jason Kidd celebrates his 40th today, and versatile actress Keri Russell (who had the title role in the old CW series “Felicity”, among other roles) turns a young 37 today.

With the column under my belt, I now have to prepare for tonight’s event, which is another Wizard of Ozz show at Napper Tandy’s in Miller Place (second time at this venue…Post # XLIX (49) from January)…should be a rocking show, which I may post about tomorrow…undecided yet because it’s still early.

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\

# LXIX…(69)…First day of spring post…

Due to the change of seasons, from worst to best, I figured that I’d talk to the masses again…dunno why, really, but enough of my bipolar bear mode and get to the point.  Today, March 20th, is the official first day of my favorite season, spring.

I really love the season, specifically, because I was born in it….yes, less than a month from now, I will be turning 39 for the 3rd time (42 for those that need the assistance with the joke LOL).  I know here in New York started off a little rough because it was cold this morning.  Before we know it, though, the nicer weather will be here.

On to today’s list, though…actor/singer Jerry Reed would have turned 76 today (Google for “Smokey and the Bandit”, if you need to know)…Jimmy Vaughan, the brother of guitar virtuoso Stevie Ray Vaughan and great guitarist in his own right turns 62 today…also of note, the Wrestling Icon Sting turns a young 54 years today, which is cool because, yes, he is still wrestling on TV LOL…on a sad note, though, it is also the 18th year anniversary of the death of another wrestling icon, Big John Studd, who passed away on this date in 1995.

With another iconic post out of the way, I now look forward to another milestone…Post No. 70, subject unknown, will be coming shortly.

/,,,/ rOcK oN dUdEz \,,,\

# LXVIII…Return of the Saturday Spotlight…Vol. XIV

In today’s post, I’d figured it was about time to really educate my readers on a band, in the genre of punk metal.  It was a dear true friend who introduced me to this phenomenal entry into the category.  A group hailing from Illinois known as Dope.

Now, in regards to their name, there was some truth behind it… allegedly…but we won’t get into that here, as I’m trying to keep it family-oriented.  As for their music, it is most certainly an acquired taste, but one that I felt was worth mentioning.

Veterans of the scene, they formed in Illinois in Villa Park (although they actually formed in Chicago) by brother Simon and Edsel Dope back in 1997.  They currently have five albums under their belts and, apparently so I’ve read, they are working on a new album…more on that as it develops.

Of my personal favorites are “6-6-Sick” from their most recent album, “No Regrets”, “Burn”, a cover of Depeche Mode’s “People Are People”, and “Survive” (opens with female voice saying, “What do you have to say to the individuals who have misinterpreted or miscommunicated your message or to those who have blatantly lied, cheated, or stolen directly from you?” and Edsel saying, “F*** ’em!”) are just a few of their chart-topping hits.


A personal issue that must be discussed, as well, however happens to be the anniversary of a passing that I was unaware of…the fifth-year anniversary of the death of Bonham lead singer Daniel MacMaster.  I had spent the years immediately preceding my twentieth birthday listening to that band.  RIP Mr. MacMaster…your voice was unmistakable and will be sorely missed.

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\

# LXVII…The 25th post here…and 71 is involved, too.

As I sit here in the new house on this rainy March 12th, it has become obvious to me that I haven’t written in a few days…which is nothing new but there has been brand new stuff that I can write about.

It was actually almost a week ago that I finally broke down and went to get my eyes checked and upgraded.  I mean, I had put it off for quite some time (not really sure of the time-lapse…a lot has happened between visits and A LOT of time had passed) and I was actually amazed by the new sight that I have had bestowed upon me by the doctors.

Anyway, the other thing that’s new, as I said, is the new house.  Not going to get into exact details but it’s a lot nicer than the old one…which had its’ share of memories.

Before I get to today’s birthdays, however, I will explain the title’s meaning as well.  For anyone that knows me personally, “71” is my birth year and very special to me…today, March 12th, is the 71st day of this 2013 year.  As a man who values the significance of numbers, it is very special to me.

Today’s birthday celebrators are symphonic metal gods Kamelot’s former lead singer, Norwegian Roy Khan turns 42 years old today.  The group’s ten albums speak volumes of their influence on the fledgling genre that I hold dear.  Among their hits are the ever-haunting “Ghost Opera”, “Karma”, and “Temples of Gold”.

Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris celebrates his 57th birthday today.  The group’s accolades in music are well documented in every single member of my generation, I’m sure…Rock Gods that they are, I will give a personal shout-out for my all-time favorite track, “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son”, a musical odyssey that you will certainly enjoy.

It’s been pretty awesome having my usual “Fireside Chat” (sorry, had to mention a historic event, too) with my audience.  As Mr. Roosevelt once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” and I bring that up because it’s my fear that this won’t be successful…I don’t get paid for it but I enjoy it…and I am putting this one particular fear to sleep.

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\

# LXVI…Just some more of my randomness…

Before logging off my computer for the night, I just thought I’d pop in and give you all your dose of today’s birthdays.

First on the list is a man who co-created one of the best classic concept albums ever recorded…none other than former Pink Floyd lead guitarist David Gilmour, who turns 67 years old today.  In my opinion, I have loved that album/movie since I was turned onto it as a teen and it should be among the Top 10 somewhere in the multiverse.

Also on the list is a guitarist from a band from New York that people probably haven’t heard of…Symphony X guitarist Michael Romeo turns a very young forty-four (44) years old today.

Another guitarist on the list, celebrating his 43rd today, is the current lead/rhythm guitarist for Megadeth, Mr. Chris Broderick.

Well, enough from the left…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\

# LXV…New month walk on the wild side…

As we come upon the third month of this 2013 year, it has just come to my attention on a couple of musical related birthdays that I have found.  The first of which is the focal point of the title.

For today is the 71st (my favorite number) birthday of a rock legend, Mr. Lou Reed.  Happy birthday and many more, Mr. Reed…you’re an inspiration to a whole generation of rock musicians and you deserve all the kudos that you’ve accomplished.

Next on the list is another icon of the multiple industries, as he is a rock legend from my home state of New Jersey and a sports owner (of the Arena Football League’s Philadelphia Soul), Mr. Jon Bon Jovi, who turns 51 years old today.  A man whose music speaks for itself as he has a great vocal presence.  Also, he is well-known movie actor whose most noted role was in “Young Guns II”, although he has appeared in countless movies since.

Also, of personal note, former New Orleans Saints superstar Reggie Bush turns 28 years old today.  Always holding a spot in my heart as being a member of the only Saints championship team in Super Bowl XLIV…happy birthday, Reggie and many more.

That’s about all from me today as it’s time to get busy elsewhere…thanks for listening and I’ll be back…trust me!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\