# LVII…Saturday Spotlight, Vol. XIII…

As I promised you all here last time, this edition of the Spotlight will be focused on the continuation of the Top 10 (as shown in-depth on ‘thelefthandedviewofmusicbydal.wordpress.com) by giving you all the next 10 in my list of Most Played Artists in my personal collection of music.

This list, however, will be done in the opposite order, from 11-20, so that you can all appreciate the diverseness and eccentricity of my catalogue.

11) Megadeth — As I mentioned on this blog earlier, Dave Mustaine’s epic superpower of the metal scene easily belongs here.  I have at least 98 percent of their releases in my vault.  Every single song and album that they make is a work of art.  They were especially played on my “angry” days when I was working for my old boss (particularly “Sweating Bullets” and “Peace Sells…”).

12) The Doors — As a group that was popular before I was born, this band sits at Number 12 due to the fact that my brother is a huge Doors fan that got me into listening to them.  From 1965 to 1973, this amazing quartet wowed audiences with Jim Morrison’s stunning poetic lyrics and stage performances.  For you younger kids out there, you might actually enjoy them if you gave them a shot.

13) Motley Crue — Yes, the bad boys of 80’s hair metal, Motley Crue, is among my Top 20, as I’ve been a big fan since their inception.  One can never go wrong with their music and their stage shows were something to behold, as well.  Everything from “Too Fast for Love” to “Saints of Los Angeles” should be a staple in anyone’s collection, as they rock your socks off.

14) Van Halen — As a fan of the music industry, a lot of people have asked “What makes this group so special?”; the answer is simple…they are one of a very few groups that can beat you down with TWO different styles.  I personally am a huge fan of the David Lee Roth era but Sammy Hagar’s lead of the group was stellar, as well.

15) Godsmack — This is a group that I almost got to see in concert (and I paid for the tickets, too) but, due to a situation that happened in a mosh pit before them, I insanely stormed out and never got the chance.  They have a very well-done catalogue of music (they are sort of like Alice in Chains, musically) and you should check them out.

16) Rammstein — For a group that was named after a disaster, this German group has become a staple in my collection, due to their nature of both singing and performing.  Most of their songs, though, are in German but, even though you may not be able to comprehend their lyrics, the music is amazing.

17) Saigon Kick — If you’ve ever heard the song “Love Is On The Way”, as I’m sure many of you have, then you know these guys.  However, their entire collection of albums have hits on them.  You should definitely check their follow-up albums “Water” and “Devil in the Details”, as they rock better than the power ballad that their known for.

18) Within Temptation — This Dutch symphonic metal group is one of three on the list with a female lead…and Sharon den Adel’s voice is nothing short of spectacular.  As a band that has only entered my collection recently, their music is astonishing and will leave you wanting more.

19) Evanescence — As I’m sure many of you already know, this band really took off after the movie “DareDevil” was released…as they have two tracks on it.  Amy Lee’s stunning vocals and the bands’ music combine to produce some the most heavenly songs in the world’s catalogue…and, finally, for Number 20…

20) Delain — I have spoken about this band before and they do not disappoint.  Their music is imbedded in my collection due to the fact that Charlotte Wessel’s vocal range is amazing and the group has taken symphonic metal to places that it hasn’t been in a while.

As this will be a busy day for me, I figured I’d give my fans some more knowledge of my eclectic collection…and hopefully fulfill my ultimate goal; to expand the musical horizons of my adoring public!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


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