# LXIV (64)…Wow, twenty years just flew by…

I figured since I didn’t tell a story on September 11th that today, February 26th, was going to be the anniversary that I speak about.  For you see, it was that day that I clearly remember…not really as a foreshadowing of events yet to be written, but as just a normal day in my life.

I had been working for my previous employer for about four years by then, so the routine was pretty simple.  Living in Jersey City in a furnished room by myself, I was pretty much engrossed in my career.  So, it was “get up, go to work, come home, eat, relax, repeat” (still is now but I’m enjoying life)…and that day was no different.

The only major flaw was that, at about 1:30 that afternoon, I received a phone call from a family friend that asked if I was okay.  I told her I was okay and then she proceeded to tell me the story of the incident beneath The Tower.  I realized at that moment that this was going to impact lives for the foreseeable future, which it did, for a time.

This has been my account of those day’s events…I don’t want to rehash anyone’s bad memories of that day…I just wanted to speak what was on my mind.  If I have offended anyone or made people miserable, that was not my intention and I’m truly sorry.

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\


# LXIII…aka My 21st on the 21st…

Every time I sit in front of this computer, my mind decides to go into bipolar mode and tries to keep my time short here, mainly due to the fact that so few people have told me that what I’m doing here is good stuff.

But tonight, I’ve decided to explode people’s brains by expanding what should be a normally short blog (when you see the subjects, you’ll probably agree but this is my hobby and I’m kinda liking it!!!!)  Of course, this is about people whose birthdays I’ve noticed on Wikipedia…and their impact(s) in my life.

The first of the two (and, also, the younger) is someone you’ve heard about if you follow “sports entertainment”, aka wrestling…”The Funkasaurus” Brodus Clay.  Born in 1980, this gentle behemoth stands at 6′ 7″ and just knows how to “get down” (wrestling inside joke).  He’s really been making a name for himself as of late…happy birthday and many more to him!

The second birthday mention is also about a wrestler but this wrestler belongs on this blog…the Southpaw from San Juan, Carly “Carlito” Colon, a second generation superstar who turns 34 years old today.  As a man who’s been in the business since 1999, he deserves all the southpaw kudos he can obtain…because he’s earned them.

Nothing much else noteworthy…I will now return you to your regularly scheduled lives!

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# LXII (20th post here)…Southpaw Birthday Greetings

Today, February 19th, marks the birthdays of two fellow southpaws…R & B legend Seal (you know, the guy married to Heidi Klum) turns 50 years young today…and the legendary guitarist for Black Sabbath, Mr. Tony Iommi, who turns 65 years old today.

If it seems like these are getting shorter, it’s because they are.  I mean, why should I bust my already tired brain if no one (other than my cousin and youngest daughter) is going to enjoy them.

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# LXI…My AWOL weekend…

Not that too many people read these days but I figured I’d explain the reason for my absence this weekend.  It was because, deservedly so, I went out and purchased my fourth (?) iPod…an iPod Touch 16 GB machine that I immediately fell in love with.

My absence was due to the fact that I’ve amassed quite a collection of music…so filling a 16 GB iPod is no easy task (with about 17000 tracks {46000 counting duplicates LOL).

And, of course, I have apps…no, not Angry Birds, either…I hate that game!  Not too many, as I just acquired the machine.

All the music from my collection (which I enjoy listening to daily, as I cannot listen to it too much on the weekends LOL) on my new toy…loving life immensely, now!!!!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\

# LX…The big 60…and Nemo is found…

The title just refers to this being the sixtieth post of mine on my blogs (both of them…well, three of them now) and the fact that we just got hit with a major (sorry for the histrionics but it really was for this area of Long Island) snowstorm, for which I couldn’t resist the bad pun (of a great movie).

Nothing much else to say except that I’m thankful that I don’t have anywhere to be at this particular time…and the fact that I’m quite happy writing on Saturdays for the most part.

Only notable birthday for today’s date for a music blog would be Travis Tritt, the great country star/actor/entertainer, who turns a mere 50 years old today…happy milestone to him and many happy more.

/,,,/ RoCk On DuDeZ \,,,\

# LIX…Birthday Greetings on a Wednesday…

Just a quick blog post about two of the people who would have been celebrating their birthday today, February 6th (two days after my daughter’s 21st birthday)…the reggae maestro and legendary Bob Marley, who would have turned 67 years old today.

Mr. Marley’s legacy does not have to be repeated here, as his music and legend speaks for themselves.  I will say that, after what I’ve read about the man and his life, he was a true light in this dark universe.

As for the other birthday celebrator, not much good can be said about the man…Mr. W. Axl Rose, a man whose legacy is forever tarnished by the incident with Metallica in Montreal in 1992 (coincidentally, my daughter’s birth year).

So, happy 51st birthday to you, Mr. Rose…hope you enjoy and many more.

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# LVIII (58)…Last Night @ Lulu’s…

Those individuals that follow my writing know by now that I’m not much a “going-out” type of person.  However, when a show arises that I have to make an appearance, I am more than happy to write about it.  Last night’s show at Lulu’s in Port Jefferson was no different.

The lineup of last night’s show was a “triple threat” of the most kick-ass music that Long Island has been hoping for; the all-original bands Station (who, for my first time seeing them, were REALLY impressive) and Panzie (my readers know I’ve seen them before) and everyone’s favorite cover band, 20-year veterans The Wizard of Ozz.

The opener, Station, was a nice surprise because I’d never seen them play before.  Being that they’re an 80’s type band (meaning the notes and nuances of the music reminded me of all the “hair band” rock groups around that time), they really played an awesome set.    Their set list, which included songs like “Everything” (thanx for the download, guys), “Speak” and “Don’t Take Heaven Away from Me”, was a perfect blend of music mastery and their stage performance was the crowd-pleaser that you would come to expect from a rock band.

The next act of the night was, of course, the staple of the Long Island rock scene that we’ve all come to know and love…the omnipresent Wizard of Ozz.  From lead singer John Traylor’s eerily lifelike performance to the band’s mastery of the music of Black Sabbath, these guys are always impressive and loved by everyone in the venue last night.  The Wizard of Ozz, if you’ve never seen them, have the most fun on stage and again hit the nail on the head when it comes to being a “cover band”; whether it’s crowd interaction or the music, you can’t find a better tribute artist than these guys.

The final group of the night, Panzie, I had seen at Lulu’s back in December of 2012.  However, unlike that night, the sound quality was so much better that I actually heard the entire set list from beginning to end.  Of course, my notes on the music are a little sketchy (I didn’t have my notebook handy) but I do remember that they performed “Jezebel”, “Angry Man” and the ever-popular “ABC (Alphabet Soup)”.  They are definitely a no-nonsense, kick your ass group that I’ve really come to enjoy and you will too, once you see them.

Being that this is my blog entry on the show, it’s only being done to whet your appetites for the experiences that I’ve had…although a more detailed account of last night’s excursion will be forthcoming in the future.

A great night out with my family that continues to expand my knowledge of the industry…and many more endeavors will be coming!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\