# XLVIII…General information on an odd day…

To my faithful, today, January 3rd is not the reason I’m writing.  I mean, aside from the fact that it’s Eli Manning’s birthday (can’t hate on a Manning…his father was a Saint), the real reason I’m writing today is because I’m saving my energy for after Saturday’s concert (at Napper Tandy’s).

I just thought I’d post a few words about tomorrow’s date instead, as it marks a semi-quasi important day in my life.  On January 4, 1989, I walked into the office of my former employer and started my career working for a Customhouse broker.  A span of twenty-four years marked with countless buckets of my blood, sweat and tears in an industry that, after all this time, I could walk away from tomorrow and not miss it.

But, enough of my boring life…I’m getting ready for the show this weekend.  It’s going to be awesome and I can’t wait.

2 days ’til Napper Tandy’s…

/,,,/ Rock On Dudez /,,,/


3 thoughts on “# XLVIII…General information on an odd day…

  1. Hey Daddy! Just wanted to know when exactly you’re coming out here. Aside from bringing my laptop with you, would you mind bringing my bracelets too? I accidently left those behind when we were rushing to get Ed and I home. I’m really excited for you to come out here though! Can’t wait to see you! Loves ya! xoxo ,,\/

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