# LVI…Just a short interlude…

Just wanted to let my adoring fans (whomever they are) that I will be going out this coming Saturday to another show.  I will also be, that very same morning, making the return of the Saturday Spotlight…only this time, I will be giving you my original Top 10 (from thelefthandedviewofmusicbydal.wordpress.com) as well as the next 10 in the list.

The above move is only due to the fact that it will be my fifteenth post on this blog…which is why I decided to do the next 10 in the list.

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# LV…Teenage memories, again…

I just found out that today, January 26th, just happens to be the 52nd birthday of the founder and lead singer/guitarist of Cinderella, Tom Kiefer.  Now, for those of you not schooled on this hair-metal superpower, this man brings back a lot of memories of my teenage years (yes, I’m going to be 42 myself) and all of them are great ones, indeed.

From clowning around after school with my family and friends to just being the basic bookworm that I was, the group Cinderella with Mr. Kiefer’s unique voice at the helm was part of my everyday existence back in the days B.K. (before kids LOL).

I just hope that he’s still doing his thing…as I’ll keep doing mine!

More from the left later…

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{Author’s Note: Also born on this date are/were; late acting legend/entrepreneur Paul Newman (1925-2008), former “Major League” ‘star’ Bob Uecker (1935), actor Scott Glenn (1941), late movie critic Gene Siskel (1946-1999), rock god Eddie Van Halen (1955), actress/comedienne Ellen DeGeneres (1958), sultry songstress Anita Baker (1958), hockey icon Wayne Gretzky (1961), former Wham! (80’s group) co-star Andrew Ridgeley (1963) and former NBA journeyman Vince Carter (1977).}

# LIV…Just a few more birthday notes

In addition to being the 72nd birthday of the incomparable Neil Diamond, I also wanted to point out the birthday of another very talented musician, Dream Theater’s bassist John Myung.  I figured that, if I were to consider any band my favorite, I should at least mention their birthday.

John Myung’s performances both times that I’ve seen them live were nothing short of spectacular and he can be considered one of my three favorite bassists (Cliff Burton and Doug Pinnick of King’s X being the other two) of all time.  His work with Dream Theater is something that you all should experience.  Today is his 46th birthday…and many happy more, Mr. Myung.

That’s all for now (I could talk about birthdays all day today…a lot of names on the list)…but I won’t bore you for now.

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# LIII…Saturday Spotlight, Vol. XII…

I figured that, with today not enlightening me enough to write about a birthday or anniversary, I would do a Spotlight on the one person that I truly know enough about to fill volumes…me!

Okay, let me explain myself…I have experienced a lot of BS in my forty-two (almost) years on this rock.  But, in the last ten years alone, I’ve lived in a kind of seclusion that most of you know nothing about…losing my soulmate has left me feeling a void that is, for the most part, never going to be filled.  So, I filled it with the one thing that makes me the happiest; my music.

Now, I will be the first to tell you that I have rather eclectic taste in music (matter-of-fact, I think I might have on thelefthandedviewofmusicbydal.wordpress.com)…but I have heard a lot of great stuff recently, too.  And, by expanding my horizons, I have decided to expand my reach, as well.  @JAJohnson419 Twitter tag

Be on the lookout, though…bigger and better horizons are coming…

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# LII…Tenth post birthday blowout LOL

My tenth post, which will be brief, is all about the people whose birthday’s fall on today, January 17th.  Of course, by now, you’ve all heard that it’s First Lady Michelle Obama’s 49th birthday and Kid Rock’s 42nd…but it also just happens to be:  Simone Simons of the awesome symphonic metal group Epica (check ’em out…there awesome!), Jim Carrey’s 51st birthday, former Sharks center Jeremy Roenick (43), and “Dexter’s Laboratory” creator Genndy Tartakovsky’s 42nd birthdays.

It also happens to have a personal significance to me, as it is also the birthday of a coworker (don’t know her age) and the birthday of one of the truest friends I’ve ever known.  He will know who he is {if he reads it} but those two names will not appear here, as I don’t know if they would want the notoriety.

From the left, keeping the faith, and ever-moving forward…

/,,,/  ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\

# LI aka 51…Suprising birthday’s today…

For today’s column (don’t worry, Spotlight will be back soon), I figured that I’d enlighten you about the two people sharing today as their birthday.

First off is everyone’s favorite anti-establishment icon, Mr. Zack de la Rocha, of Rage Against the Machine, who turns 43 years old today.  This icon of the rock music scene will always hold a place for everyone, as he is an all-around musical genius.

Also, on today’s list, is another super-talented entertainer, Mr. Rob Zombie, who turns 47 years old today.  His works as a musician (as well as a director AND comic book writer) are undeniable in the industry, as he is as sick and twisted with everything that he touches…and that’s not a bad thing because he’s so great at it!

On a side note, today also marks the tenth anniversary of the passing of another musical icon, Bee Gees co-founder Maurice Gibb, who died tragically from cardiac arrest on January 12, 2003…another light that will forever be missed.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend and more from the left shortly…

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# L (50!!!)…Not too large, though…

To my ever-faithful “readers”, whomever they may be, this is a really, really short post, as I currently have a lot of stuff on my plate (not complaint, just reality).

Happy 78th birthday (had he lived to see it) to Mr. Elvis Presley and Happy 66th birthday to everyone’s favorite “Rebel Rebel”, Mr. David Bowie.

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ /,,,/

# XLIX…Universe doesn’t disappoint…

Last night, at Napper Tandy’s in Miller Place, I was expecting to see a good show.  The sheer fact that The Wizard of Ozz (whom I’ve personally seen play countless amounts of time) and Big Hair Daze (ditto) were playing there last night was just one of the reasons that I was so excited about my new-found “barfly”(?) status.

The thing that really set my night off, though, was the first band that played…local Long Island musicians, Breakage Rising.  Consisting of five guys who, after only being in the industry for the last ten years, really proved to me how a rock band should be, they did nothing short of impress me with their unique style (from the other bands) and played nothing but a SOLID performance.

Performing original songs “Unspoken” (led off the night with, also reminiscent of a power ballad) and the uptempo (and very hilarious {in a great way}) “Sumo Karate Chop”, this band will now and forever be a wonderful addition to my ever-expanding collection of rock-n-roll music.

For those of you that weren’t there, I will just say that the musical style of this up-and-coming band (don’t want to step on toes but they were sort of like a cross between Creed, Sevendust and Rage Against the Machine) is nothing short of a shot-in-the-arm that has been missing from the rock-n-roll scene.  Also, you should check out their website (www.breakagerising.com) for more of this kick-ass, shoot first local band…they will not disappoint!

Of course, The Wizard of Ozz was the second of the three bands and, as usual, John Traylor and the boys of the group (Dennis Dean, Tommy Cardinal Dolan, and Pete Black) impressed the crowd with their interpretation of the “younger Ozzy” era, with all the nuances of the entertaining and crowd interaction that one would come to expect from them from the past twenty years (yes, they’ve been around THAT long LOL).

The band that finished up, as I mentioned, was the ever-popular (and totally entertaining) Big Hair Daze.  From the moment that their intro was played to the final song,  “Nothing But a Good Time” (the old Poison tune), Greg Polcari, J Jay Drumz, Kerri Courtland and Kev Steele were spot-on in their role as a brilliant cover band, covering the gamut from Accept’s “Turn Up the Radio” to Tesla’s “Modern Day Cowboy” and rocked the house the whole time they performed.

To finish this revue, I would like to thank Steve Houmis and Fred Johnson (my brother-in-law and my brother, respectively) for their behind-the-scenes work with all three of the bands last night, Gina Andriani and her husband, Scott, for enlightening me and putting their well-founded trust in not only me but in the events of the night itself, and to Napper Tandy’s in Miller Place, whose crowd and staff were so hospitable and welcoming, for hosting such a very entertaining and rocking show to usher in the New Year.

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ /,,,/

P.S.:  I should be making a somewhat brief appearance for my next show on January 17th at Mulcahy’s Pub in Wantagh.  A total of six bands there that night and, because I have a new-found side-project that is just getting started, I should be popping my head in after work.

# XLVIII…General information on an odd day…

To my faithful, today, January 3rd is not the reason I’m writing.  I mean, aside from the fact that it’s Eli Manning’s birthday (can’t hate on a Manning…his father was a Saint), the real reason I’m writing today is because I’m saving my energy for after Saturday’s concert (at Napper Tandy’s).

I just thought I’d post a few words about tomorrow’s date instead, as it marks a semi-quasi important day in my life.  On January 4, 1989, I walked into the office of my former employer and started my career working for a Customhouse broker.  A span of twenty-four years marked with countless buckets of my blood, sweat and tears in an industry that, after all this time, I could walk away from tomorrow and not miss it.

But, enough of my boring life…I’m getting ready for the show this weekend.  It’s going to be awesome and I can’t wait.

2 days ’til Napper Tandy’s…

/,,,/ Rock On Dudez /,,,/