# XLVII…Saturday Blahs B-P

Being that I’ve had such a busy day already, I don’t really feel like doing a Spotlight today.  Granted, I’ve had an adventurous half-day and I really can’t think of anyone’s birthday or anniversary that warrants my thoughts at this moment.

So I just figured I’d give you the run-down on my page’s new banner…as you can clearly see, it is the upper section of a Metallica poster.  But, not just any Metallica poster…this picture is of THE poster that I’ve mentioned on my other blog (thelefthandedviewofmusicbydal.wordpress.com).  This is the poster that I had autographed by the band…coming up on twenty years ago.  The very same poster that I had purchased after standing in line, after work in Manhattan, in 1993 when they were closing a Sam Goody store near Rockefeller Center.

Turns out that, as I believe I had mentioned before, that I was picked to be the last person to get in and had them sign it.

Shortly and more to the point, it will be the masthead for this blog…at least for the foreseeable future.

Seven (7) days until the show at Napper Tandy’s…

From the left…for a few days anyway…/,,,/ ROCK on DUDEZ /,,,/


4 thoughts on “# XLVII…Saturday Blahs B-P

  1. Hey Daddy! Guess what? I just chacked my stats and turns out, I have a total of 177 views! Awesome right? Anyway, loves you! Stay frosty and, if I don’t hear from you, Happy New Year!

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