# CDL (450)…Return to the Scene…featuring Ragdoll (89 North, Patchogue)…

(Author’s Note:  Immediately following this post, I will feature the link for my book about celebrity birthdays, currently on sale for Amazon Kindle…)

Yesterday, for those that don’t know, was March 17th, aka St. Patrick’s Day, which has always been a source for celebration (being that my family is part-Irish) and, last night’s escapade to 89 North in Patchogue to see the wonderful Aerosmith tribute band known as “Ragdoll” was no exception.  After the day’s events which preceded going to the venue (on the same night where the band Puddle of Mudd apparently rocked the nearby Emporium in Patchogue), I was in dire need of some good alcohol, great tunes and wonderful friends.

We had arrived there (after a hellacious time trying to find parking in the village, due to the above mentioned other show) just after the Nirvana band, Lithium, had finished.  After ordering some food (I hadn’t eaten since lunch LOL), we (my daughter Mena, sister and brother-in-law) were greeted by a lot of people that we haven’t seen due to our hiatus from the Long Island music scene.  We ran into a lot of old friends at the place and caught up somewhat with people that haven’t seen us.

The next band to grace the stage was the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ tribute band known as Soul to Squeeze (after the song of the same name, natch…) and, for all intents and purposes, they actually were one of the biggest draws of the night.  Their fans in attendance, after however much alcohol was consumed, had taken up most of the floor in front and were singing and dancing to such hits as “Give It Away”, “Dani California”, “Californication”, “Around the World” and “Blood Sugar Sex Magic”.  They were a very nice touch (as I hadn’t seen them before) to the Long Island music scene that I was happy to have witnessed.

Of course, the real reason that I even went to 89 North yesterday was to see the ever-popular (and subject of a couple of posts here!) Aerosmith-like group known as Ragdoll, who was impressive due to the fact that they covered around twenty (20) of the band’s greatest hits; starting with the oddly titled “Toys in the Attic”, Terry and the boys of the band covered such wonderful classics as “Mama Kin”, “Same Old Song and Dance”, “Dude Looks Like a Lady” and “Big Ten Inch”.  The set also included the songs everyone knows like “Dream On”, “Sweet Emotion” and their rendition of the classic cover tune “Come Together”.  My family and I are no strangers to this band…seeing them countless times in the past, they are always an entertaining part of the tribute scene here on The Island!

All in all, it was an enjoyable night (after a day where aggravation almost took hold and prevented me from experiencing) and, with the combination of family, friends and great music, it was something that I was glad to be a part of.  If you ever have an opportunity to catch these bands in the future, you should…you will not be disappointed at all!!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\

{P.S.:  As promised, below is the link to my first book, titled “ROCK ON DUDEZ”, which, in case you didn’t know, is basically about celebrities that share your birthday…}


# CDXLIX…Another “Arrow” Excerpt…

As today’s date, March 5th, hasn’t been covered here on my blog, I just thought I’d leave this short, poignant post about another co-star of the five-year-old CW drama…also from the book…

# xxxiv…Mr. Paul Blackthorne, aka Quentin Lance of “Arrow”…

Today, March 5th, is the birthdate of the very talented English actor Paul Blackthorne, who indelibly has become the owner of the role on the hit TV show, “Arrow”, of police Captain Quentin Lance (1969).  Born in Wellington, England, his big break came in a Bollywood film called “Lagaan” in 2001.

His versatility in the acting industry has prepared him for his most grueling role of the captain chasing the vigilante (by the way, as of this writing, show is entering fourth season…talk about longevity!)…and he plays the role so well that I can’t see anyone else playing him…ever!

Other celebrity twins include; former “Hill Street Blues” lieutenant James Sikking (1934), former “Quantum Leap” co-star Dean Stockwell (1936), “Electric Avenue” singer Eddy Grant (1948), comedienne Marsha Warfield (1954), comic magician Penn Jillette (1955), late 80’s star Teena Marie (1956-2010), late trio member Andy Gibb (1958-1988), televangelist Joel Osteen (1963) and former Minnesota Timberwolves’ rookie phenom Wally Szczerbiak was born in 1977.

With my inner nerd now squelched, I leave you to regularly scheduled lives…but I’ll be back…believe in the left!!!!

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# CDXLVIII…Soapbox Excerpt…

As today, February 22, has not been touched on here, I thought I would post the following tidbit from my book…don’t worry; per the norm, it’s very short…

# xxvi…George Washington (1732-1799)…

It might just do you well to note today’s date, February 22, is the birthdate of the founder of the United States, First President George Washington.  Yes, the same President that can be seen everywhere these days; it is his portrait that adorns the one thing that “We, The People” understand:  money (the $1 bill, to be precise)!

So, in today’s society where money is king, you might want to thank whatever Gods you pray to that created the Father of Our Country that he came into existence; just food for thought as I leave you to enjoy your Washingtons, Benjamins and Jacksons.

Also, celebrating today as their birthday are; late radio/television announcer Don Pardo (1918-2014), late Detroit Tigers’ manager Sparky Anderson (1934-2010), former NBA star “Dr. J” Julius Erving (1950), former Black Sabbath bassist Dave Spitz (1958), veteran actor Kyle MacLachlan (1959), late “Crocodile Hunter” star Steve Irwin (1962-2006) and the very talented veteran actress Drew Barrymore was born in 1975.

Thank you for listening to this “soapbox” edition from the left…more to come probably when the weather gets a little nicer…you know, concert season?

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# CDXLVII (447)…For an Unmistakable Actor…

Today, February 18th, has not been covered here…so here’s yet another excerpt (which I said I wouldn’t do but my view counter’s ascent cannot be ignored) for an actor that a lot of the younger generation knows nothing about…

# xxv…”Believe It Or Not!!!”…

The reason for the odd title is simple…back in the late 70’s, when I was growing up, a television show with that name was a nice escape from reality.  One of the co-hosts of that show was today’s birthday celebrator; late veteran actor Jack Palance (1919-2006), whom many of you may recall from one of his other, more recent roles in “City Slickers”.

In a career that spanned from 1947 until 2004, he starred in countless films and television shows.  However, it was HIS delivery of the above line on the show that would send shivers up one’s spine and that is what I’ll always remember about him and why he has earned this spot.

Also celebrating today, February 18th, are; late game show host/actor Bill Cullen (1920-1990), late veteran actor George Kennedy (1924-2016), world renown widow Yoko Ono (1933), Styx singer-songwriter and keyboardist Dennis DeYoung (1947), veteran actress Cybill Shepherd (1950) and singer Juice Newton was born in 1952.

The talented veteran John Travolta (1954), game show hostess Vanna White (1957), late Megadeth drummer Gar Samuelson (1958-1999), actor/director Matt Dillon (1964), rap mogul Dr. Dre (1965) and veteran actress Molly Ringwald {“Sixteen Candles”, “The Breakfast Club”, etc.} (1968) also share this date as their birthday.

Also, just in passing, I would like to point out that, on this date in 2001, the NASCAR racing world was turned upside-down, following the in-race accident that caused the untimely death of the legendary Dale Earnhardt…at least my cousin will appreciate seeing that, as he’s a rabid fan!

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\

# CDXLVI…”It’s Lemonade”…

Sorry for the bad pun but the title refers to, in case you haven’t seen it, a recent commercial featuring my excerpt for today…from the book…

# xxiv…RockStar Mayhem Highlights…

One of the acts that I had seen in the summer of 2014 was RockStar Mayhem, which was further punctuated by the fact that I was able to witness Ice-T, who was born on this date, February 16th, 1958…as he performed with his rap/metal band Body Count.  As I witnessed the controversy that surrounded their first album (the critically denounced “Cop Killer”, which was an awesome album) when it was released, it made me want more.

Due to his acting career on “Law & Order: SVU”, however, a follow-up would not be seen until much later.  It was during this renaissance that I was able to witness their awe-inspiring performances live…at RockStar Mayhem.  Ice-T certainly showed this aspiring writer that it’s really never too late to do what you love, as his performance was clearly on my Top 5 favorites of that show.

His continued relevancy with the general population is a testament to his stamina in an industry (he is a former rapper, you recall) that was (and still is) highly volatile…which is why he’s earned his spot here.  Many happy more, Mr. Ice-T!

“The Greatest American Hero” star William Katt (1952), late actress Margaux Hemingway (1954-1996), former “Star Trek” veteran LeVar Burton (1957), former tennis hot-head John McEnroe (1959), Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor (1961), former Slayer and Testament drummer Dave Lombardo (1965) and former wrestling superstar Gangrel was born in 1969.

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\

# CDXLV…Historical Excerpt…

As most of today’s generation is unaware, February 12th is a date that has never been covered (as made evident by the following excerpt) but, as you’re about to witness, due to its proximity to our first President’s birthday has largely become…

# xxi…The Overshadowed…

The cryptic title is due largely due to the fact that, when I was growing up, we were taught it was a holiday, but as a society of commercialism, we have forgotten today’s birthday celebrator; late 16th President, Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865).  Without his birth on this date, February 12th, we may be living in a totally different, less “free” society.  The actions of his Presidency and the significance of his birth are now overshadowed by the ambiguous “President’s Day”, usually celebrated the week after.

Now, I’m not one to start controversy but, isn’t it weird that the President that gave a lot of people the ability to speak their minds is now just put on the back burner?  I just wondered where our priorities lie in this day and age…it just boggles the mind!

Also celebrating today are; renowned theorist Charles Darwin (1809-1882), “Bonanza” and “Battlestar: Galactica” star Lorne Greene (1915-1987), late veteran actor Forrest Tucker (from “F Troop”) {1919-1986}, late catcher-turned-broadcaster Joe Garagiola, Sr. (1926-2016), late The Doors’ keyboardist Ray Manzarek (my brother’s favorite group and one of my Top 25) {1939-2013}, veteran actor Michael Ironside (1950) and former Doobie Brothers’ singer Michael McDonald was born in 1952.

“Growing Pains” actress Joanna Kerns (1953), comedian/talk show host Arsenio Hall (1956), former San Jose Sharks’/Quebec Nordiques’ star Owen Nolan (1972), sultry actress Christina Ricci (1980) and {former} Washington Redskins’ quarterback Robert Griffin III was born in 1990.

Enjoy your freedoms, America…for without Abraham Lincoln, you may not have them…

/,,,/ ROCK ON ABE \,,,\

# CDXLIV…Eldest’s Milestone…

@ 6 Months


On this date, February 4, twenty-five years ago, my eldest daughter, Mena, was brought into this world…thereby making me (an almost-21-year-old) a father for the first time.  Before her birth, however, my life wasn’t really anything special; I mean, I was in the early stages of my “paying” career (working for a Customhouse broker), separated from her mother (who, truth be told, didn’t notify me until three days AFTER her birth but, we would, for a time, live together after she was born) and nothing special in the overall grand scheme to be noticed.

On this twice-in-a-lifetime (I will be dealing with my youngest daughter’s 25th in about 8 years) occasion, I have the opportunity to express just how much better my life has been since Mena’s birth in 1992.  Being a first-time father back then, not to mention the fact that I was as naïve as I was immature, the only real preparation that I’d had was trying my best to copy the nuances of my own late father (he was still seven years away from leaving this planet at that time).

Looking back, I have done my absolute best to be there for her.  She was born in a time when a lot of potential fathers have said, “Not my circus…”, and just split (shirking their responsibilities as a parent for their own selfishness).  I was never going to be one of those; although I didn’t really have a plan for her, I had every intent on being the best father that I could be…at that time, I really didn’t have my ducks in a row and questioned myself on her well-being at any given moment.  Through all the cuts and bruises, happiness and heartbreaks, however, I never had a second thought when it came to making sure that I was in her life!

My life since her birth, although still nothing to be happy about, has become something that I wouldn’t change, even if I could.  The countless memories of happy times (like going to movies or attending her high school graduation), combined with the not-so-happy ones (her hospitalization with pneumonia {long time ago}, my Dad’s passing after her seventh birthday, etc.) are what make this day even more special to me.

To my daughter, I would just like to say that I hope you enjoy your momentous milestone as much as I’ve enjoyed every day since your arrival in my life.

It is in her honor and with great love that I present the list of her fellow celebrants; beginning with late historic pilot Charles Lindburgh (1900-1974), civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks (1913-2005), actor Conrad Bain, who played Mr. Drummond on “Diff’rent Strokes” (1923-2013), comedian David Brenner (1936), and mega-producer George A. Romero (“Night of the Living Dead”, etc.) was born in 1940.

Also, today finds former Vice President Dan Quayle (1947), rock legend Alice Cooper (1948), actor Michael Beck, who played Swan in “The Warriors”, was born in 1949, and football legend Lawrence Taylor turns 58 today (1959).

Coincidentally, fellow Long Branch, NJ native and country superstar Clint Black was born today in 1962 (at the same hospital where I was born), while boxing legend Oscar de la Hoya was born in 1973, singer Natalie Imbruglia (1975), rapper Cam’ron (1976), singer Gavin DeGraw (1977) and former TNA star Chris Sabin finishes the list, born in 1982.

/,,,/ ROCK ON MOOKIE \,,,\