# CCXV…”New World Man”…

Although the title could be describing how I feel, now that my blog seems to be on the way towards 1000 views this year, it is actually the title of a song written by one of today’s birthday elite; Mr. Geddy Lee of the five-decade rockers Rush.  Since 1968, Geddy Lee’s multi-instrumental involvement in Rush (along with guitarist Alex Lifeson and drummer Neal Peart) have made this Canadian trio a long-time part of my collection.  His mastery of playing bass AND keyboards for Rush are nothing short of spectacular and should be experienced at least once in your life…Happy birthday, Geddy…and many happy more!!

Today’s other birthday twins include late wrestling manager Captain Lou Albano (1933-2009), late journalist Peter Jennings (1938-2005), The Sopranos’ Tony Sirico (1942), REO Speedwagon keyboardist Neal Doughty (1946), Captain Callahan from the Police Academy movies, Leslie Easterbrook (1949), and director Ken Burns and Patti Scialfa (from The E-Street Band) both share Geddy Lee’s year of 1953.

Also on the list is former Whitesnake and Blue Murder guitarist John Sykes (1959), former WWE/WCW strongman Scott Steiner (1962), Baywatch‘s beauty Alexandra Paul (1963), country legend Martina McBride (1966), Apocalyptica cellist Paavo Lotjonen (can’t say enough about them LOL) was born in 1968, and actors Wil Wheaton (1972), Stephen Dorff (1973) and Allison Mack (“Chloe” from Smallville) finishes the list, born in 1982.

Three (3) days until Mayhem…more on that to come…

/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ \,,,\

# CCXIV…”Star-Spangled” Birthday Post…

With the rumor mill abuzz with an attempt to create a “Justice League” movie, it seems fitting that one of the names on today’s list is the original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, who was born on this day in 1951.  Of course, I haven’t seen the original series in a long time, it is probably available on media devices like NetFlix and Hulu and I may have to check it out to see how good (or bad) the show really was.

Also on today’s list is Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In alumnus and comedian Ruth Buzzi (1936), melon-smashing comedian Gallagher (1946), country star Pam Tillis (daughter of iconic country star Mel Tillis) was born in 1957, former NBA star Karl Malone (1963), the *record-breaking MLB pariah Barry Bonds (1964), and actress Laura Leighton, who played Sidney on Melrose Place, was born in 1968.

Finishing today’s list are former NBA star/actor Rick Fox (1969), the ubiquitous diva Jennifer Lopez (1969), former Glee star Summer Glau, who played an excellent villain in Arrow‘s second season, was born in 1981, X-Men actress and sweetheart Anna Paquin was born in 1982 and current “Arrow” ‘sidekick’ and all-around beauty Emily Bett Rickards joined his planet in 1991.

Sorry for the abbreviated post but not much more that I can say today…

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# CVIII…Ironic double birthday greetings…


No reason to rewrite perfection…

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A few months ago, while speaking about my blog with people that I work with, I was amazed to find out that, in this small world we live in, two totally different people whom I deal with are celebrating their birthday today.  So, it was with them (Happy Birthday to Mr. G and Mr. L, you know who you are) in mind that I present to you, my adoring public, with today’s celebrity birthdays.

We will start today’s list off with the late great women’s wrestling champion The Fabulous Moolah (1923-2007), former politician Bob Dole (1923), versatile actor Orson Bean (1928), fashion designer Oscar de la Renta (1932), wonderful actress Louise Fletcher (1934), English actor Terence Stamp (who played Zod in “Superman 2″ and the voice of Jor-El in “Smallville”) was born in 1939, game show host Alex Trebek was born in 1940, eclectic musician George Clinton (of Parliament &…

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# CCXIII…Birthday Present for My Boss…

Four years ago, when I moved to Long Island from New Jersey, I knew that my fickle industry (Customhouse brokerage) was diverse enough to obtain a job relatively quickly.  After the first two weeks, however, I started going stir crazy from being home.  It wasn’t until the third or fourth week that I was called by today’s birthday celebrant, my boss, Debbie, who is the owner of ASAP Logistics, where I have been working since that phone call.

She had started in my industry from the ground up and is now running a very successful business with the help of a very tight-knit “family” (both literally and figuratively) in the wings.  A no-nonsense go-getter, she has been very tolerant with me and my nuances for the past four years and, quite to the point, I am doing this because it answers the old question, “What do you get for the person who has everything?”

As I explained to her already, she may not know the names on this list but I will do my best to educate her as to why they are here…

Late actress Natalie Wood (1938-1981), retired Minnesota Twins mainstay Tony Oliva (1938), 80’s singer Kim Carnes {“Bette Davis Eyes”} (1945), Mexican-American guitar “god” Carlos Santana (1947), former Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French (1954), late advertising mogul Billy Mays (remember Oxiclean and Orange Glo?) (1958-2009), and multi-talented singer Chris Cornell (from the bands Soundgarden and Audioslave) was born in 1964.

Also, on this day, actress/singer Vitamin C was born in 1969, actor Omar Epps and NHL star Peter Forsberg were introduced to this planet in 1973 and Brazilian model/actress Gisele Bundchen, who is better known as “Mrs. Tom Brady”, was born in 1980.

To Miss Cross, a very happy birthday and many happy more…

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# CVI…Rawkin’ Birthday Greetings…


Can’t mess with a good thing…Happy Birthday, Bonnie!!!

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On my 71st post (March 24), I wrote about a show from the night before about a group that I hadn’t experienced in my short time on the rock scene on The Island.  That group was known as Tang and the only reason I bring this wonderful rockin’ band back into my blog is to celebrate the birthday of bassist/vocalist Bonnie Parker, who is one the most enlightening stars in the music industry.  It is my honor and privilege to present a list of celebrity birthdays in her honor.

Starting with the late Harriet Nelson (of “The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet” sitcom) {1909-1994}, we continue with versatile actor Hume Cronyn (the late husband of Jessica Tandy/co-star of “*Batteries Not Included”) {1911-2003}, comedian Red Skelton (1913-1997), South African President Nelson Mandela (1918), former astronaut turned politician John Glenn (1921), late jazz bassist Don Bagley (1927-2012), the late musician/producer/actor Screamin’ Jay…

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# CCXII…Number Two for Number 4…

Today’s birthday spotlight falls on the shoulders of a multi-talented musician named Joe Satriani.  The title, in case you haven’t figured it out, is because he is my Number 4 favorite of all time (See Top 10 for that) and this is the second time (other than the Top 10) where he is involved.  Today is his 58th birthday and he is currently banging around with Sammy Hagar’s side project, Chickenfoot…as well as being a multi-platinum recording artist in his own right, with his mostly guitar instrumental releases.

A little side story to this is the fact that I saw him play live (with Dream Theater and King’s X at Jones Beach many moons ago) and, although I was familiar with his music before that show, seeing him perform live was another experience altogether.  He is still a brilliant musician who, hopefully, has a lot more in his tank to give.

As far as his “twins”, we’ll start with former Airwolf and Damnation Alley (80’s apocryphal movie with the late George Peppard from The A-Team) star Jan-Michael Vincent (1944), former country/pop star Linda Ronstadt (1946), former WWF star and governor Jesse Ventura (1951), actor Forrest Whitaker (1961), and model/actress (and former wife of Sylvester Stallone) Brigitte Nielsen was born in 1963.

Also, Jason Bonham, the drumming son of Led Zeppelin’s John “Bonzo” Bonham, was born in 1966, comedian/actor Eddie Griffith (1968), Jamaican icon Buju Banton (whose music was in Grand Theft Auto IV) was born in 1973, along with former Beverly Hills, 90210 star Brian Austin Green (he played a great version of Metallo in Smallville, too); comedian Gabriel Iglesias was born in 1976, and former San Jose Sharks’ phenom Jonathan Cheechoo was born in 1980.

/,,,/ ROCK ON SATCH \,,,\

# CCXI…Milestone for a Beautiful Voice…

Upon perusing today’s list (yesterday), I noticed that July 12th is the birthday of another member of the band Within Temptation (as you all know, guitarist Ruud Jolie celebrates mine, April 19)…angelic lead vocalist Sharon den Adel celebrates her 40th birthday (1974).  As I have in the past, I cannot continue to elaborate on just how this woman soothes the soul of the savage beasts, as you would pretty much have to hear and experience her vocal range to truly appreciate it.

From the stunning ballads (“Somewhere”, “Jillian (I’d Give My Heart)”, “Memories”, etc.) to the symphonic masterpieces (“Faster”, “The Howling”, “Aquarius”, and so on…), Ms. den Adel’s awe-inspiring voice is in a class by itself.  She has even been fortunate enough to be featured in duets with a host of other vocalists, like Keith Caputo (former Life of Agony vocalist…) and British artist Chris Jones on the awesome ballad “Utopia”, among others.  She has an impressive mezzo-soprano range and can just move mountains with her voice.

A new-age spin on an old genre that is truly a shot-in-the-arm for rock-n-roll…Happy birthday, Ms. den Adel…and many happy more!!


Also, on today’s list are:  late comedian/actor Milton Berle (1908-2002), the ubiquitous jack-of-all-trades Bill Cosby (1937), Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie (1943), fitness guru Richard Simmons (1948), late KISS drummer Eric Carr (1950-1991), former Charlie’s Angels star Cheryl Ladd (1951), pugilist Julio Cesar Chavez (1962), Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci (1967), figure skating icon Kristi Yamaguchi (sorry, old habits LOL) (1971), former wrestler Gregory Helms (1974), New York Ranger defender (and former San Jose Shark) Dan Boyle was born in 1976, WWE brute Brock Lesnar (who, in case you didn’t know, ended The Undertaker’s win streak for WrestleMania) was born in 1977 and That 70’s Show‘s Topher Grace came to us in 1978.

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